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Building Credibility As A Leader

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

As a leader, your dental team needs to know they can depend on you for guidance and rely on you as a resource for success. Your credibility as a leader translates into improved team performances, practice productivity and profitability. Having a position and title of leadership, does not give you credibility amongst your team... you need to earn the respect and credibility of each team member in order to enjoy success!

The question is.... How do I build my credibility as a leader with my team?

RESPECT: Building credibility amongst your team, means building the respect of your dental team members. Respecting your team's opinions, being inclusive and open gains team loyalty and the respect you need in order to lead successfully.

LOYALTY: Credible leaders are loyal leaders. Loyal leaders are consistent and committed to what is in the best interest of the practice and the dental team. When you show consistency and commitment, your team will follow suit, translating into a more productive dental practice.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Show your team that you are accountable for your actions and decisions. When a leader takes responsibility and the necessary steps to correct errors, instead of placing blame on others, it shows your team your credibility! When you show accountability, you can expect your dental team to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

TRUST & HONESTY: Creating a strong team relies on trusting that the leader is honest. Establishing your credibility as a leader, depends on how your team see you and if they trust you. Only when you gain the trust of your team, can you expect them to contribute to the practice at a high level.

MICROMANAGING: Don't be a micromanager if you ever want your team to believe you are a credible leader! Micromanaging will destroy your team and you will never become a strong credible leader. Developing and delegating responsibility is important to building the confidence in your team and building your credibility.

In order to build a strong productive and proactive dental team, you need to be a strong credible leader. The five points above are just the tip of being a credible leader. At CDP we are always happy to have a chat about dental practices.... Building Stronger Teams Together!


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