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Dental Practice Growth / Email Marketing

Is your dental practice under-utilizing email?

Now more than ever during Covid - 19, it takes more to get your patients into your chair.

We know that 85% of cell phone users connect to their email at least once per day, with 27% connecting four or more times daily. This is your time to step up your email marketing campaigns and grow your practice!

Think about how often you look at your cell phone... when it vibrates, when it pings, when it rings, oh and when it plays a clip of your favorite song.... Your practice will benefit from the engagement your patients have with your email marketing.

Do you have to, or do you need to build your email campaign list?

1) Ask patients for an email address or to update their email address. Add or update your list.

2) On your website add a 'Subscribe' or 'Sign Up' button to your blog page. If you don't have a blog it is time to start one (We will address blogging in another blog)!

3) Social media posts are a great place to ask your connections or followers to 'Join' or 'Like. If you don't have social media, it is time to start (We will address social media in another blog)!

Call To Action

It's time to start your email campaign TODAY, start boosting your interactions with current, past and future patients!

How will you start your email campaign?

Will you start with an upbeat welcome to our practice campaign, or updating patients on current treatments and technology your practice offers? The goal here is to stay engaged and keep a connection with current patients and build a relationship with future patients.

It is very important to keep your campaigns clear and concise. Remember, patients are going to skim your email, so add some pictures and text. Few people are going to read paragraphs, especially if they are looking at your campaign on a cell phone.

For more in depth strategies please contact me:

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