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Importance of Building Dental Teams

In today's Covid - 19 climate, our dental teams need to be better than ever. A strong, effective team propels your practice, providing exceptional patient care, in turn increasing productivity and profitability.

If a dental team is not cohesive, they will be affecting your practice and patients in a negative light. In turn this has a negative affect on your productivity and profitability.

Just because dental employees work in the same practice, it doesn't make them a team. You create your team, you empower your team and you grow a successful team.

Here are a few tips that help building stronger teams:

1) MORNING HUDDLES: I cannot stress enough, the importance of morning huddles, regardless of the size of your practice. The huddle is an effective tool in preparing every team member for a successful day.

2) MONTHLY TEAM MEETINGS: Involving your team in developing the practice, including team members in setting goals, identifying new objectives and building the roadmap of how as a team these goals will be met, contributes to the success of your practice and your team.

3) EDUCATION: Continued education for the entire team is essential for providing excellent treatment for patients, increasing productivity and profitability. Last but not least, improving team members confidence and self-esteem. Educated, confident team members are productive, successful team members.

4) AGENDA: Before team meetings of any kind can be held, you must have a clear and concise agenda. Developing a specific agenda that meets the needs of your team and practice, will contribute to a well organized meeting.

Successful teams are created by successful leaders.

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